Frequently Asked Questions



1. What is Dragons’ Gate Gardens?

Dragons’ Gate Gardens is a certified organic farm of 126 acres, a wellness center teaching and practicing alternative and complementary healing modalities. Tall green trees give way to beautiful meadows, and wetlands where happy frogs sing amidst a marvelous array of giant crystals. 

2. What does Dragons’ Gate Gardens offer in growing the collective consciousness?

The Mission of Dragons Gate Gardens is the creation and empowerment of a conscious community through programs that instruct participants in life skills and foster personal and group development of a mutually supportive, sustainable community, capable of addressing social, political and environmental challenges. We simply want to thrive while working with the earths’ energetic grid to reawaken Christ consciousness and regain Eden, that’s all. 

3. Where is Dragons’ Gate Gardens?

Dragons’ Gate Garden is conveniently located 15 miles east of the I-5 corridor, half way between Portland and Seattle, in the Skookumchuck River valley. Halfway between Bucoda and Tenino on Hwy 507 turn east on 184th, which becomes Skookumchuck Rd, we are 5 miles from that intersection.

We are about 20 minutes southeast of Washington State’s capitol, Olympia.

4. When is Dragons’ Gate Gardens open for visitors?

Members are welcome to call ahead to schedule the time they want to spend at Dragons’ Gate Gardens. Non-members are also welcome to call ahead for more info and to schedule mini tours

Please see our “Schedule of Events” for dates and times of retreats and other events.

5. What else can members expect?

Become a member to enjoy the variety of experiences but for your children and your own sake, help build a loving, vibrant and inspiring community while creating a new healthy paradigm and having FUN.  Learn more about Nutriculture and work with us to produce vibrant healthy food for all. You can expect to feel revitalized by walking in our woods, inspired by working on cutting edge technology for revitalizing our water and enriching our soils, blessed by experiencing the creatures with whom we share this sanctuary.

Please see the “Members Benefits” for all the year-round benefits members can look forward to for $20 per person.