Services at Dragons' Gate Gardens



  •   Crystal Sound Healing One-on-One Sessions by appointment with Auriel Rose. Sessions are for an hour surrounded by crystals, sacred geometry, and copper grids. Guided by Auriel Rose using Crystal and Sound Healing to assist the magnification of the crystalline vibration. 
  •  Laser Reiki Sessions by appointment 
  •  Weekend Retreats offered regularly with instruction and activities focused on the Divine Feminine, Dreamwork, and Song Circles
  • Crystal Energy Classes offered for a one day intensive
  •  Plant Consciousness Classes Experience  hearing what plants have to say…musically
  • Meditating with the Giant Crystals located in many beautiful areas on the property
  • Apartment Rental featuring grounded “Earthing” sheets on the beds, penthouse view of the farm, and access to the outdoor pool and hot tub surrounded by Giant Crystals (weather permitting)
  • Glamping; For those who want the convenience of a hotel room but prefer a natural atmosphere there is our Zanzibar 38’ RV for up to 4 or enjoy authentic Moroccan tents that can host 2-6 persons.
  • Camping in Auriel’s Arbor. We provide our exceptional drinking water, a lovely campfire ring and a more “natural” experience than you will find in any state park. 
  • Festivals offered annually presenting insightful cutting edge modalities that promote beneficial alternative agricultural, healing and wellness treatments. Enjoy speakers, musicians, vaudeville and variety artists while browsing stunning crafts and tantalizing treats at a variety of food booths.
  • Forest Bathing to relax the mind and all your senses while experiencing a walking meditation amongst the tall, green trees. Proven by the Japanese  
  • Shopping Therapy in the Crystal Shoppe for a variety of crystals, instruction on how to use them, crystal jewelry, fantasy clothing, and surprises in a warm, loving atmosphere.
  • Eating, Laughing, Singing, Loving, Finding Community and having FUN!


Exploring the Divine Feminine


Dragons’ Gate Gardens Presents:

Exploring the Divine Feminine

A retreat for women and men

March 23, 24, & 25, 2018

Join Auriel Rose for a glorious weekend activating your rejuvenating powers. Share meals and ritual, sing songs for healing, meditate with a Giant Earth Keeper Crystal. Experience the energetic field of 15 tons of crystalline material, entraining us to the higher vibration of the Earth Mother.  Learn portal work in the Cathedral of Trees and clear and release yourself with a cutting of the cords. Enjoy a campfire by the pool or an unencumbered view of the stars in the deeper dark of a quite country night.  Leave renewed! 


Meditate with the Giant Earth Keeper Crystals 

Learn alternative and complementary medicine modalities 

Know how to utilize the healing powers of nature

Campfire and singing, star gazing and Dreamwork


Held at Dragons’ Gate Gardens located 15 miles east of the I-5 corridor half way between Seattle and Portland; 7911 Skookumchuck Road SE, Tenino, WA

Visit us on face book at: Dragons’ Gate Gardens

To Pre-register call Auriel at 360.264.5110

$300 for Retreat $350 for Retreat and Bed





Here are some of the comments found in our Guest book;

“The Magical universe of Dragons’ Gate Lifts the Spirit!  The Divas and the wildlife gather

and offer today for us all.”

“Gratitude to the Steward of the lands (for) 

The stillness deep inside the energies you guard and feed.  Thank you, Dragons’ Gate!”

“The name Dragons’ Gate is fitting. Dragons are made of Magic.  This place is magical!”

“Bless and Thank You for welcoming and sharing your sanctuary to restore the Soul!”

“This place is such a sacred space to breathe and be and I am ever so grateful to have been invited.”

“The land here is beautiful and sacred.  It is refreshing to the spirit and alive with energy.  I love being here.” 

“This gentle home and serene sanctuary is such a profound blessing in my life.  To find such  safety and magic in the roots of my dance brings the balance that springs from soil to star.  Here in a sacred flame to guide me through the unknown and darkness that also seeks illumination.”

“Such beauty, an amazing place, an absolute blessing to be here!”

“Boundless gratitude for your magical talents in manifesting celebratory arts.”

“The most beautiful and enchanting land, trees, grasses, sky and stars.  The landscape

enfolds your consciousness with the loveliness of Nature.  Unbelievably amazing and

mystical. “

“So blessed to participate in Ritual in this beloved Sacred land, cradled by magic, comforted

by the warm inviting hospitality of the land and it’s glorious stewardess.  This land is alive

with the magic of Gaia, amplified by the sure intension of its guest held in the heart of 

Sacred Space.  I am eternally grateful to have visited this special land and witnessed

the majesty of Mother Earth.” 

“Dragons’ Gate was the ideal setting for out outdoor sacred gathering.  The land, the

animals, the people, and the Spirit of the place all supported what we came to do together.”

“Wonderful stars, plants, and animals!”

“Thank you for sharing this space, this place of Love and Grace.  Thank you for providing   

this Sweet Haven that our people might work, play, and pray together as we midwife

our species.”

“This is a very special place.  Thank you for sharing it with us.  So much gratitude for 

your stewardship and sharing fecundity with us.”

“What an amazing and inspiring place you have created here!  Thank you for this fun

and fascinating stop on our way  to see the solar eclipse!”

“Thank you, Auriel and Dragons’ Gate Gardens for your vision, manifestation,

trust, and love!”