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Check out our unique walking tour of Dragons' Gate and take time to meditate with one of the giant crystals, spend  a little time on our 126 acres of woods and fields. You can discover many rare specimens in the Crystal Shoppe. (You might even take one home!)

Membership Features


Dragons' Gate Gardens is private and not open to the public.  Membership dues of $20 per person a year will supply you with Car Stickers, showing proof of membership for each year, and many opportunities throughout the year to explore nature and higher consciousness.

                                      What will it do for us all globally?

  • Gain  knowledge of new discoveries and experience alternative and complimentary healing modalities you can utilize to benefit yourself and your loved ones.
  • Meditate with Giant Crystals, The awe inspiring experience of being in the vibratory field of more than 15 tons of crystalline material, part of the Earth's grid, when you work with giants you are...
  • Supporting the Earth's Crystal Grid (and helping shift reality to an age of Peace.)

                    What will a Dragons' Gate Gardens membership do for you personally?

  • Access to 120 acres of fields and woods.  Connect with miles of trails through private woods where rarely another person is seen.
  • Explore "Forest Bathing" (see the scientific data for full details of the incredible benefits of simply walking in the forest.)
  • Star Gazing in the full darkness of the country.  Know the peace of nature, experience the beauty of the night sky in its glory all around us, away from street lights and the city sounds.
  • Song Circles  Come out for a sing-a-long by the campfire and listen for the coyotes to sing-a-long too!  Don't want to go home yet...well members receive......
  • Access to camping for a fee.  Enjoy the privacy, exceptional water and clean air, and bring your camera along for Wildlife photography.  Elk, deer, coyote, owl, bobcat, bear and cougar, hawk and eagle, woodpecker, raven and crow all share these "gardens".
  • Movie Nights  Free BYOS&L (snacks, and libations)  Entertaining, educational, inspiring movies and documentaries with like minded seekers who know how to laugh at life and ourselves.  Held most Friday evening at 7 pm.
  • Membership Appreciation Pool Party at our Washington State Aggregate and Concrete Associations' 2013 "Best Residential Design" Aware winning pool!
  • Monthly newsletters to keep you up to date on all that's happenening here at Dragons' Gate Gardens!